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Our story

Established in December 2020 by sisters Temi & Kemi Fayomi. Òrenté is about fashionable, modern and chic everyday wear. Òrenté  is a ready to wear clothing line that offer bold print, affordable and elegant pieces. 

We are #òrentés



Meaning behind the brand name " òrenté": This is one of the most ancient words in Yoruba. The literal translation is elegant and chic.

Elegant and Chic
In a nod to our Yoruba heritage and New Zealand upbringing, we use a mix of culture from both worlds to create pieces that are chic and statement making.


We believe in making high quality products which is why each piece is hand-cut and sewn using fabrics that were hand dyed by local artisans in Nigeria. We aim to continue to empower people from working with artisans who make our fabrics to the team who make the garments and to you, the men and women who will wear them. 


All Orente designs are handmade in Lagos Nigeria in limited quantities for exclusivity and to reduce wastage by a team of pan-african workers. 

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