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Before washing your African wax print garments, it is essential that you test the material for bleeding. Dampen a white piece of fabric, place it against the wax print fabric and iron until dry. If colour bleeds through then garment needs to be washed separately, if the white fabric has no colour on it then the wax print fabric can be washed with other clothes because the colour will not bleed onto your other clothes.
Four ways to style the Salewa Kimono

The kimono is made to suit every body type and can be styled with staple items from your wardrobe leaving you ready to step out in style. 

Here are four ways to style the Salewa Kimono if you need inspiration. 

Adire - Textile Art History
Traditionally, the adire process involves two female dyers called “alaro” who control production and marketing of the fabric and the decorators called “aladire” who create the resist patterns. Two basic resist techniques used to be utilised to create white designs to contrast with a deeply saturated indigo blue background. But experimentation in the twentieth century has led to additional two techniques.
Something Different for your Lockdown Routine
I mean, you've been through a roller coaster this past couple of years, so dress up and facetime with your friends/family. Imagine the shock on their faces when they see you dressed up all fancy sitting on the couch!! Give yourselves something to laugh and talk about!
A Practical Way to Clean Your Closet
Let's face it, you've got clothes in there you haven't seen or worn even before the lockdown. They may not even fit anymore and trust me, I'm totally in this category! If they don't fit, or your tastes have changed, toss 'em out or put them in the donate pile to create some space for new and better pieces.
What Do The Colours You Wear Say About You?
"Even if your wardrobe is filled with clothes of a variety of colours and shades, there is always a colour that you give a greater preference to because you feel more comfortable and confident in it. It is the exact colour that reflects your character."
Must Try African Fashion Trends This Summer
Summers are incomplete without florals, and so is African attire, so let’s mix it, and you have a perfect summer dress. The African floral prints are known for their audacious selection of prints and colours. It’s best to use subtle and pastel colours to align with summer,
The Chic Ways To Wear African Prints
For as long as we can remember, African prints have been boasting bright colours, and it’s high time we embrace them. So, experiment with those prints and get yourself some crop shirts and ruffle dresses.
Ultimate Outfit Ideas For WFH

Sure, you used to wear blazers to the office, but it feels suffocating to wear them at home. Similarly, sweaters look quite sloppy while t-shirts are too bare, so what’s left?

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