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Taking care of your fabrics can extend the lifespan of your clothes but when it comes to African wax print fabrics like those we use for our designs, it is essential that proper care is taken. 

There are a few sections below that comprehensively covers the different aspects of how to care for your wax print garments. 

  • Bleed Check
  • Washing Tips
  • Drying Tips
  • Ironing Tips
  • Storage Tips

Material Composition

African wax print fabric is made from cotton which is both insulating and breathable so it keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer months. Ankara and Adire is made using wax and dyes to print patterns on 100% white cotton fabric to create the patterns and designs. You can read more about the Adire making process here

Bleed Check 

Before washing your African wax print garments, it is essential that you test the material for bleeding.

  • Dampen a white piece of fabric, place it against the wax print fabric and iron until dry.
  • If colour bleeds through then garment needs to be washed separately, if the white fabric has no colour on it then the wax print fabric can be washed with other clothes because the colour will not bleed onto your other clothes. 

Washing Tips 

There are three options to clean your wax print fabrics - dry-clean, hand wash or machine wash. 

For dry cleaning, ensure the dry cleaner is familiar with African wax print.

  • For hand/ machine washing turn clothing inside out
  • Use lukewarm or cold water
  • Use a bar soap or mild detergent 
  • Rinse thoroughly after washing 
  • Avoid the spin cycle 

Drying Tips 

  • Hang garments to dry in a well ventilated space indoors or outdoors 
  • Use an hanger to ensure garments maintain their shapes
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight to avoid colour fade or shrinkage 

Ironing Tips 

  • Iron on the wrong side using the setting for cotton, or use cooler settings

Storage Tips 

  • To prevent folds & wrinkles, use clothes hangers when storing 
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place

Doing all the above ensures your African wax print garments do not shrink and retain their vibrant colours keeping it looking new for years. 

Share your tips below if you have any or send us through your questions!

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