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A Practical Way to Clean Your Closet

A Practical Way to Clean Your Closet

Sometimes, you just don't know what to wear when you want to go out. You take a look in your closet and you're stumped! You have a ton of messy clothes in there but, what to wear?! Where's that perfect outfit to go out for drinks with friends? What's the best casual but not TOO casual outfit for a first date? You want to look like you really didn't try and still, look gorgeous! LOL! It totally happens to all of us. We think and rethink, pick and discard, sneakers or shoes, a scarf or a hat? Nothing works!

Well, we've got some helpful tips to make your "outside life" so much easier to head out to.


Start with hauling every single item out of your closet and tossing them on your bed (except the shoes, those you can place on the floor next to the bed!) Sounds like hard work, doesn't it? But think about the upside and pull through, you can do this!

Grab the vacuum and clean all the dirt out. Look at the space in there and figure out whether you need shelves, hooks, extra racks or a couple of baskets for storage if you need extra space.

Then we're gonna start sorting the clothes and shoes into piles, what to keep, donate or throw out.

Let's face it, you've got clothes in there you haven't seen or worn even before the lockdown. They may not even fit anymore and trust me, I'm totally in this category! If they don't fit, or your tastes have changed, toss 'em out or put them in the donate pile to create some space for new and better pieces.


We go to the closet every single day, so think about it, wouldn't you love to see a beautiful, organized space you can be proud of? And enjoy going to? Yeah, you do!

 Sort things into four major categories:

  • Formal Attire: Blazers, formal pants, dresses, really nice blouses
  • Casual Wear: Jeans, sweaters, tanks, sweatpants, tees
  • Outerwear: Coats, jackets, hoodies
  • Shoes: Heels, flats, sneakers, flipflops

Hang up your formal attire according to colours, darks, lights, vibrant colours, etc, and keep the visual aesthetic in mind. You can alternate colours too if you prefer, do whatever looks good to YOU. If you have some wrinkle-free work clothes, you can fold them into your dresser or formal section to save hanging space for your coats and jackets, or hang those up in your linen cupboard if it's close to the front door (for easy access on your way out).

Fold your casuals together neatly according to each type so you can easily grab what you need when you need it. You can watch YouTube for fancy folding methods or fold them your normal way, just extra nice and super neat. If you have dressers, have a section for tees and tanks, as well as your socks and underwear. With seasonal clothing not appropriate for the current season, fold them away in boxes or cloth bins and put them in storage until needed.

Arrange your shoes on the ground below your hanging clothes so you can see which shoes go with what, immediately. If there is no space for that, consider getting a hanging shoe rack and place that on the closet wall.


I don't know about you but laundry usually involves hunting for some of the dirty clothes that didn't make it into the laundry basket or the other sock that I have no idea where its partner is hiding. So, in order to avoid clothes hunting when all you wanna do is toss the clothes into the machine and lounge in front of the TV, place your laundry basket in a corner of the closet where you can easily drop your dirty clothes.


So! Hopefully at this point, you've decided having a clean and organized closet is a great idea! Just remember to utilize your closet space no matter how big or small it is and you'll discover that figuring out what to wear is now so much easier because your clothes are organized and easy to eyeball!

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