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Must Try African Fashion Trends This Summer

Must Try African Fashion Trends This Summer

The sun’s shining bright, and it means summer shopping sprees, right? Well, if you’ve to upgrade your summer wardrobe, why not opt for some trendy African clothes since they boast a fine combination of vibrant colours and patterns (perfect for summer, ladies!). Honestly, African fashion has always been labelled too vibrant and bold, but it’s elegantly chic if you style it right. So, if you are ready to get out of your neutrals and experiment, we are sharing some amazing African fashion trends that you must try this summer!

Floral Co-Ord Sets

Summers are incomplete without florals, and so is African attire, so let’s mix it, and you have a perfect summer dress. The African floral prints are known for their audacious selection of prints and colours. It’s best to use subtle and pastel colours to align with summer, while floral designs will scream African fashion. The best way is to get wide-leg pants and a crop shirt to make it breezy, edgy, and comfortable!

Floral Jumpsuits

You might have worn other jumpsuits, but African-style jumpsuits are all you want to make a statement in this hot weather. Truth be told, we all have been wearing solid-coloured jumpsuits, but floral jumpsuits reflect African fashion. However, make sure that the jumpsuit isn’t too tight, and the legs are loose and long (it will look flattering, we promise!). As far as the design is concerned, opt for watercolour patterns on soft fabric.


Yes, we know it's an old design, but it’s also a timeless one (don’t we all agree on this, ladies?). Ranging from flowing to cool design, it’s the epitome of summer fashion. Kimonos are available in various lengths, so you can choose the most flattering length. Not to forget, it’s a wardrobe staple, and you can style it in various ways, so why not, ladies?

Rising Neckline

African fashion is all about defining necklines. So get a printed high-neck dress and add an edge to your attire. As far as the chest design is concerned, opt for a draping shape as it doesn’t pull and sits comfortably. Personally, we love some lime color and a knee-length as it looks flattering.

Statement Sleeves

If you are someone who likes IT fashion and wants to flaunt a bit, statement sleeves will create the perfect drama in your dress. Ranging from trumpets to bells and ruffles, they create a complementing look with cropped trousers. Also, if you opt for these sleeves, keep the other silhouette simple because these sleeves are all the drama you need.


Everyone is wearing those long dresses, but African fashion is all about oversized ruffles. These ruffled dresses create high volume, thick texture, and doubled-up fabric, so you can make heads turn on the street. Personally, we love these axiomatic dresses for a girl brunch and pair them with nude heels!


What’s the point of wearing so many clothes in summer when African fashion is allowing some breezy off-the-shoulder styles? However, rather than wearing an off-shoulder dress, pair a top with high-waisted pants, and you are ready to ace and slay!

So, which one are you going to try, babe?

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