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Something Different for your Lockdown Routine

Something Different for your Lockdown Routine

A lot of us have been in lockdown for longer than we care to remember. It takes its toll on us in more ways than one. Therefore, more often than not, we just wear our sweats or that threadbare tee, because, let's face it, only the cat will see us so who cares if there are approximately ten or eleven holes in our clothes? Isn't it enough that we're semi out of bed and attempting to be productive???

Outfits are basically growing old in our closets. Who cares? What's the point? Um… you should care, you've spent some money on those clothes, online shopping, and whatnot. You didn't buy em for the moths or spiders to nest in. If you're still in lockdown wherever you are, don't let the dollars you spent on them go to waste. Why not wear them! You know that really short dress? Or those formal pants and fancy blouses? Just wear them and feel good while you walk to the kitchen for that snack then back to the couch (or desk/dining table if you're that really a serious remote worker). Or, make yourself a drink, relax, watch a movie or read a book. Although, not everyone is a movie watcher or novel reader, just do whatever makes you feel good. I mean, you've been through a roller coaster this past couple of years, so dress up and facetime with your friends/family. Imagine the shock on their faces when they see you dressed up all fancy sitting on the couch!! Give yourselves something to laugh and talk about!

Another option is to go for a short walk outside. It sounds so simple but, trust me, you'll feel better after some exercise (urgh!) and some fresh air. I'm not much of a walker, but my little niece and nephew (inlaw) loved going outside at the height of lockdown just to have something different to do, so we would walk around the street late at night then rush back home giddy from something we all used to take for granted. If you are in lockdown with little ones, let them choose anything to wear, make it a fun fashion day, let them catwalk through the living room to an audience of parents, it's an activity outside the normal lockdown routine.

These are the days of our lives right now and we need to make the best of it as we do the things that make us smile, laugh, and feel good. The lack of normal social activity can make you feel like you're living the same day over and over again. Changing things up within your daily routine just with a different element will help break the monotony. It's the only way to stay sane while we look forward to a new normal.


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