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The Chic Ways To Wear African Prints

The Chic Ways To Wear African Prints

As we bid farewell to those cold winds and are ready to welcome the warm weather, we are sure you’d be rethinking your summer outfits. But hey, does your wardrobe really have the right outfits? As it turns out, African prints are in this season but carrying them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, with this article, we are sharing some ways to carry those bold and vibrant African prints with ultimate grace and style. So, are you ready, queens?

Bright Outfits

For as long as we can remember, African prints have been boasting bright colours, and it’s high time we embrace them. So, experiment with those prints and get yourself some crop shirts and ruffle dresses. Not to forget, let those colours free rather than masking them with neutrals and dim shades.

Head Wraps

Ranging from turban to a style statement, African prints are an apt option for your head wraps. These prints look chic and can be styled however you like. What’s best about African prints is that they complement every colour and pattern, so it’s time to become the mix-and-match queen!

Lighter Fabrics

The prints can be as heavy as you want, but light fabrics are essential to create a breezy outfit. The best choice is Ankara silk since it’s a fine balance of airy and comfortability. Also, these fabrics are great for a wide-leg jumpsuit, so get one and slay it with strappy heels (if you want something street-style, it can be worn with your sneakers, how versatile!).

Maxi Skirts

Who doesn’t like those flowy skirts in summers, babe? If you are one of those, African prints are suitable for making maxi skirts. The best thing about a maxi skirt is that it’s a staple piece, so you can style and rock it as you love. If you ask us, these skirts look the best with block prints.

Off-Shoulder Tops

Creating an ultimate combination of style, comfort, and convenience, these off-shoulder tops can be made with African prints. However, when you opt for these tops, make sure to tone down the pants, or they will become too loud. We personally love rocking these tops with mom jeans and high-waist jeans, so choose what you like and flaunt it!

Maxi Dress

Summers call for breezy outfits, and African prints really compliment the maxi dress silhouette. However, rather than opting for a conventional full-length maxi dress, opt for a high slit and style it with open-toe heels. If you want to add some more edge, wear the head wrap of a similar print.

Fitted Skirt

If you are trying to reflect your inner fashion diva, nothing could be better than a straight and fitted skirt made from African print fabric. Since the print will be loud, pair it with a white button-down, wear those pencil heels, and you are ready to make heads turn. What’s best about this look is that it’s great for a day-out with girls and an office meeting – what more could you want?

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