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Ultimate Outfit Ideas For WFH

Sure, you used to wear blazers to the office, but it feels suffocating to wear them at home. Similarly, sweaters look quite sloppy while t-shirts are too bare, so what’s left?

Ultimate Outfit Ideas For WFH

Everyone is getting the vaccine, but hospitals are still full of COVID-19 patients. For the same reason, some offices are still closed, so employees must work from home. But again, it’s enough PJs for two years, right? So, in this article, we are sharing the outfit ideas for WFH that’s comfortable yet professional and edgy (yup, everything has it all!).

Button - Up Shirts

If you are a fan of Nancy Meyer's heroine, we are sure you have wanted to enjoy the laid-back fashion. That being said, get yourself a button-up shirt and make sure it’s made with a comfortable fabric and you are ready to present yourself as an ultimate professional.

Lounge Sets 

Since you are still sitting at home, it’s high time you spruce up your loungewear. To style your same old and basic loungewear and top it with your blazer. Don’t forget to colour-contrast the blazer, and it will create an effortful impression while you remain cozy and still don’t look like you just rolled off the couch.

Reentry Pants

We all were used to skinny jeans and chinos around two years, but now, they just feel trapping but the PJs aren’t office-appropriate, of course. For this purpose, get a pair of reentry pants, and you’ve got yourself a pulled-together look. Also, do you know what the best part of these pants is? It’s got an elastic waistband.

Bigger Jeans

Were you wearing a size 30 before but now it’s not buttoning up properly (yup, we know all about those food babies)? Well, it’s quite fine, ladies, because wearing one-size-up jeans will solve all your problems. These pants are perfect for WFH, and you can even run some errands – it’s a sigh of relief, believe us!

Slipper-Like Slides

If you are looking for that dressed-up feeling, it’s needless to say that shoes are essential but who wears those stilettos at home? Well, just opt for the slipper-like slides as they are suitable for indoors and look chic as well.


Sure, you used to wear blazers to the office, but it feels suffocating to wear them at home. Similarly, sweaters look quite sloppy while t-shirts are too bare, so what’s left? In that case, opt for shackets (search on Òrenté, and you will find some amazing options). The shackets are semi-structured to give it an elegant look, and soft fabric makes it comfortable – a fine balance, babe!


We all know someone who literally lives in the jumpsuit, and if you are one of those, it’s good news for you because it’s a perfect WFH attire. In fact, opt for a solid-coloured jumpsuit or a cheetah print to add some sophistication to the look.

Girlfriend Jeans 

For people who cannot live without jeans, girlfriend jeans are the ultimate combination of stretch, comfort, and sophistication. You can style these jeans with a colourful shirt and ballet flats to keep the look casual yet presentable for those Zoom meetings.

Tee Dress

If you want cozy and aren’t wearing a tee dress, you are really missing out, babe! So, get a tee dress now, and you won’t want to take it off. The best about these dresses is that they look elegant (nope, not too casual), and you can style them in different ways (it’s another wardrobe staple, if we may say).

Spark Your Look

Well, we have served you enough ideas for the outfits, but what about the styling? Let’s talk about them below!!

  • Don’t forget to put on a no-makeup look because getting ready will really help you feel confident and put-together
  • Always brush your hair in the morning and style them with some cool hairpins (we love bows, by the way)
  • When wearing something too basic, add some bling with small ear studs or a bracelet

At this point, we are sure you are ready to ace those WFH outfits and be ready to go out once the never-ending meetings actually end!

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