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What Do The Colours You Wear Say About You?

What Do The Colours You Wear Say About You?

We often choose our outfits based on nothing more than our favourite colour or how we think those colours look on us. We hardly pause to consider the significance of certain shades or how they characterize us to the people around us.

According to David Zyla in the book Color Your Style, "Even if your wardrobe is filled with clothes of a variety of colours and shades, there is always a colour that you give a greater preference to because you feel more comfortable and confident in it. It is the exact colour that reflects your character."

Let us look at some of those colours and the messages they have been sending about you!

Black: This is perceived by others as an indicator of maturity, prestige, power, seriousness, spiritual energy, and intelligence.

Blue: People associate the colour blue with harmony, trust, togetherness, efficiency, and tranquillity. Darker shades of blue have a calming effect. Journalist and psychologist Lisa J. Mandell wrote, "Blue is the best colour to put on to an interview because it sends out confidence and reliability."

Brown: This is the colour of the earth; it connotes reliability, strength, peace, and stability.

Green: Growth, both spiritual and physical. The colour green has a close kinship with nature and radiates pleasantness which soothes and gives the perception of being in a good mood.

Purple: Some experts say people who wear purple are emotional and sensitive. They are dreamy, passionate, unpredictable, and feminine.

Pink: Represents calmness, warmth, and mildness. People who love pink are seen as romantic, optimistic, and they appreciate kindness and comfort.

White: This represents freedom, purity, optimism, innocence, and simplicity. Many people buy something white when they start something new in their lives or enter a new chapter.

People who love wearing white are neat and organized in everything they do and strive for perfection.

Red: Represents passion and power. People tend to associate this vibrant colour with energy, movement, and excitement. Bright shades of red draw attention to the person wearing them.

Yellow: This is the colour of happiness and laughter. Studies have shown that the colour yellow draws attention and lifts the mood of those around it.

Orange: Gives a fun vibe; it is a warm, cheerful, creative and attractive colour. Although those who love to wear orange can be seen as slightly flaky, they can also be ambitious and prudent.

Grey: This is the colour of balance; it is neither dark nor bright. If a person has a lot of grey clothing, they usually want to remain invisible or neutral. Grey and its shades are a symbol of tranquillity, dimensionality, and maturity.

So, when you go shopping or buy clothes online from Òrenté, you can now pick your colours with a little more knowledge and brighten your cart with colours that resonate with you.

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